Easy Blueberry Cream Pie

I’m so excited for Valentine’s day! I love this holiday and always have the best Valentine’s Day. This year I thought I would make a fruit tart with fruit made into a heart. Well… that did not happen! This fruit tart ended up into a cream pie and with one type of fruit…not shaped into a heart. Oh baking can be disastrous sometimes! Anyway this cream pie ended up being yummy and I decided to share it to show that if something doesn’t turn out how it was supposed to…well just change the name of it.

This whole fruit tart/pie saga started because I bought ready made short crust pastry. My plan was to make mini apples pies, but then I got lazy and then realized the pastry was going to expire soon so I better use it! I decided to try this recipe. The Husband doesn’t like strawberries so I thought I would improvise and find whatever fruit was cheapest in the supermarket. Yup, that’s how I plan my meals sometimes!

I followed the recipe, but found I had way too much cream mixture. I didn’t want to waste it so decided to just overload the pastry with the mixture, thinking everything will be fine. Well it wasn’t! The blueberries started sinking into the cream mixture. My blueberry “heart” was more like a blob. So I decided to use all the blueberries and forget about my Valentine tart/pie. I also thought it was better if I didn’t add the jello glaze!

I let it set for a full day and decided to give it a go. It was actually really yummy! I loved the cream filling and thought it worked well with the blueberries.

Easy Blueberry Cream Pie

Well there you have it. A fruit tart that turned into a cream pie.

I hope you have been more successful with your Valentine desserts. Happy Valentine’s day to all!

Too Easy Noodle Soup

It is still cold here in England! Cold, windy and raining. Not very happy weather. After a long day at work and braving the rain I’m not a happy bunny and don’t feel like cooking. However I need to eat and rainy weather calls for some soup. This soup is seriously too easy. I also use frozen stir fry veg, which makes it a great end of week meal. You know those meals that are basically from the kitchen cupboards and freezer as there is no fresh stuff left? Yeah I have a lot of those end of week days!


1 litre stock (any flavour! I used chicken)
125 grams dried noodles
250 grams frozen stir fry veg
Salt and pepper to taste
Chilli or Tabasco sauce (optional)

1) Bring the stock to simmer and add the dried noodles
2) Add stir fry veg when noodles are almost cooked
3) Add salt and pepper to taste and simmer until veg is cooked
4) Serve in bowls and top with chilli sauce or Tabasco

I love spicy and hot food so I am always adding chilli sauce to my meals. You could also add some crispy dried onions or chopped spring onions on top. Perfect ending to a long day!

Too easy noodle soup

What are some of your short cuts after a long day?

Thumbprint Valentine’s Day Cards

This year The Husband and I have decided not to give each other presents for Valentine’s Day and instead give each other cards. The Husband complains about writing cards as he thinks he isn’t very good with words. He actually writes the loveliest messages and letters! I love receiving any card from him. This year I decided to make cards as I had left over blank cards from the Christmas cards I made. I am also a sucker for anything with my thumbprint ever since I bought an ink pad!

I looked on-line for inspiration and there are a TON of fun stuff you can make with a thumbprint! I stuck to hearts and then ventured out to animals, such as chickens and bees. Possibilities are endless and this is such an easy craft that only needs an ink pad and a black marker for detail.

Thumbprint Valentine's Day Cards

I love how cute and simple these cards are. The chickens are definitely my favourite.


What are your plans for Valentine’s day?

Walnut and Coconut Flapjacks

My mornings are so hectic. I have no idea why as well! I don’t have a child and it’s just me and The Husband. We wake up a whole hour and a half before we are supposed to leave the house and have a really simple breakfast. However time is really not on our side and we are always scrambling around and in a rush! Something I’m trying to do to save time in the morning is get as much of our packed lunches ready the night before. Last weekend I was even more ahead of myself and made a whole week of snacks and even wrapped them individually in cling film! These snacks are awesome as they don’t expire quickly and there are so many variations that you can make. What are they? Flapjacks!

I had never made them before so was pleasantly surprised how well they turned out! I followed this recipe, but then added my own variation to it. I looked through my baking goods and saw some dessicated coconut and walnuts that were going to expire soon. I threw those in and a bit more golden syrup as I love gooey flapjacks. I loved the coconut. It added more sweetness to the flapjack. I then thought of other stuff I could put into it, such as mini chocolate chips, raisins, nuts and more!

Walnut and Coconut Flapjacks

How do you save time in the morning?


Cheese Twists

I’m pretty good at eating well during the week by taking my own lunches, snacking on fruit and eating balanced meals. However, when it comes to the weekend all bets are off! On the weekend I go all out with the food, whether it is eating out or buying really junky stuff from the grocery store. I love the bakery section in any grocery store! It is my weak spot and as I do a big shop on Saturdays most of the bakery stuff I buy lasts the weekend only. I decided to try and make my own cheese twists instead of buying it this weekend.

I found this super easy recipe and had to try it out. I bought ready rolled puff pastry dough and followed the instructions. I ended up having tons of cheese on the surface and pressing them in just before they went into the oven. Mine ended up really big! They are absolutely delicious and so cheesy.

Cheese Twists

What are some of your favourite weekend foods?

Easy Beef and Broccoli

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year. I’ve been quiet on the old blog as I always find it so difficult to get back into routine after Christmas. I have had a super relaxing Christmas and get the blues once Christmas is over. Anyway I’m getting back into the groove and cooking, baking and crafting!

I’m trying to eat out less. My metabolism is really not what it used to be! Also I feel really sluggish after a big meal out. I was craving Chinese food and decided to make beef and broccoli. I found this SUPER EASY one and has very little ingredients, which is perfect for me as I wanted to raid my food cupboards. I have never heard of using a can of tomato soup in beef and broccoli, but as I had this already I thought why not?

It was delicious, even with my orange sauce! The sauce is pretty strong so I loaded up on the rice. I loved it and it is super quick so a perfect weekday meal as well. I’ll be making this again in the little lovely household!

Easy Beef and Broccoli

Homemade Christmas Stocking

One Christmas The Husband bought me a new stocking. It is such a lovely stocking with hearts on it. I love hearts. It seemed like he put a lot of thought into picking one out for me. I felt bad as I was away on the rundown to Christmas and went into a supermarket and bought him a stocking!

This year I decided to finally put thought into The Husband’s stocking and decorate one for him. I had some left over felt from the Christmas ornaments I made and some buttons. I went with a Christmas Tree, a jolly snowman and buttons to look like snow. I don’t think the buttons look like snow but the stocking looked really plain without them! I was going to cut his name out of felt but I knew it would end tragically so went with the buttons!

Christmas Stocking

I’m pretty happy with it. Hopefully my felt decorating skills will get better over time!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas I always buy a couple new ornaments for my tree. I can’t resist as there are so many pretty ones! However, this gets expensive and they are only on display one month out of the whole year so this year I decided to make Christmas ornaments.

I gathered some felt, ribbon, my hot glue gun and went on Pinterest for some inspiration. There are so many great ones out there. I went simple and made a Christmas tree, snowman, a Christmas pudding and a mitten. For some reason I love mittens on Christmas trees! They aren’t perfect, but cheaper than buying a bunch of new ornaments.

Felt Christmas Ornaments

I used a couple as gift tags and I thought it added a nice touch!

Felt gift tag

Do you make your own Christmas decorations?

Easy Mini Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a staple in the Lovely household. It is such great comfort food and lovely in the winter time. Also I can leave it to bake in the oven for a while and not have to think about it until the timer goes off! I used a silicone loaf tin in the past and not happy how bread and meatloaf turned out. My tin was just not sturdy enough so I always had very wide loaves!

I decided to use my cupcake tray instead and make mini meatloaf. I also thought I could easily put some aside for the next day and reduce the amount of meatloaf we eat in one go as The Husband and I have no restraint when it comes to meatloaf!

I have a super easy meatloaf recipe as well.

Easy Meatloaf Recipe

500 grams beef mince
1 egg
10 crushed cream crackers (I used Jacob’s Cream Crackers)
1 mug of milk (I know – not a very accurate form of measurement! I’ve used a big mug and a small mug before and results are still good!)
BBQ sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Preheat fan assisted oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
2) In a large bowl combine beef mince, egg, cream crackers, milk and salt and pepper. Mix together until combined.
3) Put equal amounts of meat mixture in the cupcake tray and spread desired amount of BBQ sauce on top of meat mixture
4) Bake in oven for 1 hour.

They tasted better than when I baked them in a silicone tray!

Mini Meatloaf

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